If your current electrical switchboard is more than about 30 years old, the chances are that it won’t meet current electrical safety standards.

Since the late 1980′s it is required that RCD (safety) switches be installed at the time that a house is sold or leased.

This means that it will be necessary to update your switch board (and perhaps some of your wiring as well) if you eventually sell or lease your property. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to consider updating this part of your household electrical system now, rather than waiting until it becomes necessary.

This means that you will immediately get the safety benefits of a properly configured switch board.

Older switchboards are usually fitted with ceramic (porcelain) fuses and do not provide the required safety switches.

At MDH we will visit your property and advise you on the condition of your wiring and let you know what will be involved in upgrading your out dated and dangerous switchboard with a new unit which meets all of the required safety specifications.